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Safe Electric, LLC - Reviews on Home Advisor Safe Electric, LLC is a Top Rated HomeAdvisor Pro Safe Electric, LLC is a Accredited Business green screened electric logo Excellent electrician logo

Electrical Services in Pickerington, OH

Most of the time, we take full advantage of our home electrical systems without having to give the matter a second thought. We flip a switch, and the lights come on. We plug in an appliance or device, and it draws power and works properly. The water heater provides a constant supply of hot water, and the dishwasher and garbage disposal require nothing more than flipping a switch or pressing a few buttons. If you have a smart home, all you have to do is tell your appliances what to do and they’ll respond accordingly.

When Something Goes Wrong

Having said all that, things don’t always go as planned. You might flip a switch and find that the light flickers or doesn’t come on at all. Your ceiling fan may stop turning even though its switch is still in the “on” position. Maybe you turn on the garbage disposal and nothing happens or your entire house suddenly loses power despite the fact that all the neighbors have electricity. When problems like those crop up, as they’re often known to do, you need a team of trusted local electrical technicians on hand to help. 

Getting the Electrical Help You Need

If you’re looking for the best Electrical service in town, you’ve found it with us. At Safe Electric, we bring all our training and experience to the table for every project we complete. Our company was founded with the highest possible levels of quality and service in mind, and we continue to hold ourselves to those lofty standards even after 25 years of serving the Pickerington community. Contact us to schedule a service appointment, and let us show you what sets us apart in the electrical industry.

Home Lighting Installation

You might be surprised at the difference new lighting can make in your home. If you choose the right types of lighting for your intended purposes, you’ll be able to reap numerous benefits. Lighting can make your home feel cozier and improve your family members’ moods. It’ll make things like doing homework and cleaning a great deal easier while preventing damaging eye strain. On the outside, lighting will increase your home’s security, draw focus to landscaping features, and make venturing outdoors at night much safer. 

Our electrical technicians are here to help you choose the perfect lighting for your home and provide installation services. We can also help with preventative maintenance to keep those lights working properly. If they become damaged or begin to malfunction at some point, we’ll be here to provide lighting repair services as well. All these services can help you make the most of your interior and exterior lighting and all the benefits they provide.

Electrical System Installation and Upgrades

Residential electrical systems are complex networks of wires and components. They all begin in the electrical panel and branch out into each room of your home to provide power. We offer a range of panel services to ensure your electrical system works as it should and continues to meet your family’s needs. From initial wiring and panel installation to maintenance and repairs, we’re here to keep your home’s electrical system up and running. If your family outgrows the capabilities of your current system, we can provide panel upgrades are rewiring services to accommodate.

Our electrical panel installation, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades aid in ensuring you’re able to enjoy your home to the fullest potential. At the same time, they’ll help keep potential dangers at bay and thwart expensive appliance repairs and replacements. They may even help you save money on your monthly power bills by boosting your home’s energy efficiency. Whether you’re building or remodeling a home or simply looking for ways to meet your growing electrical demands, we’ll make it happen.

Home Protection

If you’re interested in protecting your home against possible dangers, we offer several solutions. Whole-house surge protectors safeguard against power surges while smoke detectors reduce the risk of injuries and losses if a fire breaks out. Carbon monoxide detectors prevent harmful exposure to common and poisonous gas. At the same time, home security systems aid in warding off intruders and vandals. Contact us to discuss your home protection needs, and we’ll do everything in our power to fulfill them.

Comprehensive Electrical Services for Pickerington Homeowners

Safe Electric is committed to keeping Pickerington homeowners safe, comfortable, and happy. We approach every project with those aspects in mind and take great care to cover all our client’s electrical needs. Call us or fill out the form on our website to schedule a services appointment. We’ll show you how much of a difference quality and attention to detail can make. 

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