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Safe Electric, LLC - Reviews on Home Advisor Safe Electric, LLC is a Top Rated HomeAdvisor Pro Safe Electric, LLC is a Accredited Business green screened electric logo Excellent electrician logo

Electrical Services in Powell, OH

It’s nearly impossible to turn residential electrical work into a DIY job, but many people think they can save a few dollars by doing just that. However, fixing a home’s wiring or light fixtures isn’t as easy as replacing a fuse or a light bulb. If you’re remodeling or building, our team of electricians is ready to help with the following services.

Home Wiring

A properly wired home keeps families safe, happy, and warm. Let our Powell electricians install, repair, and maintain your home’s wiring. Along with our wiring repairs and maintenance, we also install electrical outlets.

Light Fixture Installation

Lighting fixtures are an easy and cost-effective way to update your home’s appearance and increase its value. From dining room chandeliers to outdoor flood lighting, from fluorescent lamps to ceiling fans, we can service and install all types of lighting fixtures. Call us today for more details.

Post-Storm Repairs

Storm damage is often devastating, particularly if it has affected a home’s electrical system. If your Powell home has been damaged in a storm, we will work with the insurance company to get the repairs done in a way that keeps your family and home safe.

Panel Upgrades

Powell’s older homes often have out-of-date electrical components. Panel upgrades and wiring repairs can bring these homes into the connected world of today. If you’re living in an older home, we suggest upgrading its wiring and service panel to match your family’s electrical power needs. If you’re not sure which parts to upgrade, call us. We’ll tell you what needs to be fixed right away and what can wait.

Whole-Home Surge Protectors

A whole-home surge protection system will do much to protect your home and the appliances within it. Let our licensed and insured electricians install a surge protection system that covers the entire home. With our help, you’ll have a line of defense against power surges that come from lightning strikes and other sources.

When is the Best Time to Consider an Electrical Upgrade?

We suggest getting a safety inspection when moving into a new home or building one from the ground up. Our electricians are ready to help! Electrical wiring and panels should be replaced every 30 years or so. However, as technology advances, home electrical systems may become outdated much faster. If your home’s circuit breakers trip often, if the lights flicker, or if you’re relying too heavily on extension cords and power strips, you can likely benefit from an upgrade.

As Powell’s homes become more reliant on the power grid, upgrades will become more necessary. Our team performs panel services, circuit updates, and much more for the area’s homeowners.

Safety Inspections

Knowing what is wrong with a home’s electrical wiring will provide some level of reassurance, even if the problems themselves are expensive to fix. Some electrical upgrades are costly, but they’re a worthwhile investment. With help from our electricians, you can prevent fire hazards and keep your family and home safe. Call us today to schedule a comprehensive electrical inspection.


Though power outages are uncommon, it’s good to have a backup plan if the lights do go out. If you don’t have a generator, your family may be left sitting in the dark. Ohio occasionally has severe storms that may keep the power off for several days. With a whole-house generator, though, you will feel safe when the power goes out.


When residential electrical issues arise, it’s sometimes challenging to know where the problem lies. That’s where our troubleshooting services come in. With our advanced equipment and extensive training, we can get to the bottom of the issue and resolve it quickly.

Additions, Basements, and Remodeling

No matter your renovation or construction needs, we provide services that meet them. When remodeling a Powell home, it’s important to ensure that all the electrical work is done according to code. Our code-compliant electricians offer expert service, which means you’ll have one less thing to worry about when remodeling your home. We can assist with:

  • Lighting repairs and design
  • Service upgrades
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs
  • Code compliance

If your job isn’t listed here, we still may be able to help. Contact us for more information or call today to schedule an estimate. We’ll discuss your project, evaluate the home’s condition, and make cost-effective and safe recommendations. Whether you’re replacing a single outlet or an entire home’s worth of wiring, we want to do the job. Let Powell’s electrical experts help you with all your Electrical service, repair, and renovation needs.

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